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Abrasive Wheel Regs - replaced by PUWER 98  [see PUWER below]           
Abrasive Wheels - Safety in the Use of Abrasive Wheels - HSE Book HSG17 (50pgs pdf)
Abrasive Grinding Wheels - Safety Guidelines - IAPA, Canada (pdf)
Abrasive/Grinding Wheel Safety - Grindwellnorton (pdf) 
Accidents - Your role as a Safety Rep
Air, Light and Temperature - London Hazards Factsheet (pdf)
Air-powered Hand Tools - IAPA, Canada (pdf)
Air Sampling Standards
Agriculture, Farms - Free HSE Leaflets  (farmers lung, grain dust, livestock, lifting, machinery, pesticides)
Alcohol and Drugs at Work - HSE Microsite
Back Pain (HSE)
Back Pain - Guide to Back Pain - Public & Commercial Services Union
BBQ/barbecue Safety
Behavioural Safety - Behaviour Modification - HSE
British Standards
Brown Book - 1977 Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations, revised for 2008
Bullying At Work - London Hazards Centre Factsheet (pdf)   -   
See Safety Reps
Carbon Monoxide in the Workplace
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Catering/Hospitality/Restaurants/Pubs - HSE Home Page
Cement - HSE Information Sheet 26 (pdf) -
See also COSHH Section
Cement Hazards - Health Risks and Precautions in Using Portland Cement - eLCOSH
Ceramics - Free HSE Leaflets (asbestos, silica dust)
Cold - Working in Cold Weather
Compressed Air - HSE Homepage
Compressed Air Safety - HSE Book HSG39 (40pgs pdf)
Confined Spaces
Consultation, Consulting Employees on Health and Safety

Construction - Free HSE Leaflets (HSE Construction Home Page)
Construction - Health and Safety in Construction - HSE Book HSG150 (100pgs pdf)
Construction / CDM
The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007) - Statutory Instrument   -  See Construction/CDM Section
A Guide to the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996  - HSE (pdf)
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSSH) Regulations 2002 - Statutory Instrument - See COSHH Section
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health - A Brief Guide to the Regulations
-- HSE (pdf)
Convictions - HSE Public Register of Prosecutions & Convictions
Cutting Wheel Safety - Gov. South Australia (pdf)
Cylinders - Compressed Gas
/ Skin Disease
Display Screen Equipment - HSE Home Page  +  DSE Regulations - London Hazards Centre Factsheet (pdf)  - 
See also Offices
/ Fumes / Local Exhaust Ventilation - See also COSHH Section
Electricity At Work - HSE Book HSG85 (28 pages pdf)
Enforcement Notices - HSE Public Register of Enforcement Notices 
[see Prosecutions below]
Engineering - Free HSE Leaflets  (chemicals, coolant, skin creams, CNCs, presses, welding, etc.)
Engineering - Health and Safety In Engineering Workshops - HSE Book HSG129 (117 pages pdf)
Electrical Safety at Work - HSE   +   Electricity - FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - HSE
Employees Rights: Protection from Suffering Detriment in Employment - See Part V, 47.
Employee's Rights: Right To Leave Dangerous Work - See Part V, 44.
European Six-Pack (Health and Safety Legislation)

Fire Safety
First Aid
Food and Drink Manufacture - HSE Microsite
Forklift Accidents
Fork Lift Truck Health and Safety    +  Forklift Truck Occupational Hazard Datasheets and Information - International Labor Organization
Foundries - Free HSE Leaflets  (chemicals, guarding, hand arm vibration, noise) -
See also COSHH Section
Gas Health & Safety - HSE  (domestic gas and gas supply)
Gas / Cylinders / Compressed Gas Safety
Glass Facts
Glass / Glazing: Workplace Health & Safety - HSE
Gloves -
Selecting Protective Gloves - HSE (pdf)
Hairdressing, Beauty Salons - dermatitis, gloves, creams  +  Hairdressing - HSE Microsite
Hand/Arm Vibration
Harness & Webbing Products Expiry Dates
- safety harnesses, heights, fall arrest equipment
Hazardous Substances
Health and Safety - The Benefits of Good Health and Safety - HSE
Successful Health and Safety Management - HSE Book HSG65 (97pgs pdf)
Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 - HSE   +   Health and Safety At Work Act 1974  (html)
Health and Safety Legislation / Laws / Statutes
Health and Safety Law - Acts Owned and Enforced by HSE
Health and Safety Regulation - A Short Guide - HSE HSC13 (pdf)
Health and Safety Law: What You Should Know - HSE (pdf)
Heat / Heat Stress In The Workplace
- Falls from height, scaffolds, ladders, roofs, mewps
HIV and AIDS - Unison  (pdf)
Housekeeping at Work - Safety Guidelines - IAPA, Canada (pdf)
Hazards of Working with Hydraulic Oil
- the devastating effects of accidental high pressure injection
Hydraulics Safety Awareness PowerPoint Presentation - Dennis Mac, HandS
Images - A selection of images from HSE's topics and industries websites (dermatitis, skin diseases, asbestos)
Injury Statistics - UK  +  Injury Statistics - Canada  +  Injury Statisitics - US
Inspections at Work

Latex Allergies - HSE  +  Latex Gloves - Why Their Use is Being Phased Out
Lead -  NIOSH 
See also COSHH Section   +  UK Lead Levels Too High - Hazards Magazine Report (Nov. 2009)
Lead - Channel4 News reports that UK safe lead levels are too high (Youtube)
Lead - New Health Dangers from Lead - California Dept of Public Health (pdf)       
Legionnaires' / Legionella Disease
LEV - Local Exhaust Ventilation
Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) - London Hazards Centre Factsheet (pdf)
Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations - A Simple Guide - HSE INDG290 (pdf)
Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and Thorough Examinations - Ratcliff (pdf)
Light/Lighting at Work - HSE Book HSG38 (64pgs pdf)   +    Lighting at Work - Safety Guidelines - IAPA, Canada (pdf) 
Lone Working - London Hazards Centre Factsheet (pdf)  +   Working Alone - Hazards Factsheet (pdf)
Lone Working - Trade Unions Congress (TUC)   +   Lone Working - Working Alone Safely - HSE INDG73 (pdf)
Lone Working - Working Alone Safely - Rep's Bulletin - TSSA (pdf)  +   Lone Working - Working Alone Briefing - Unite the Union (pdf)
Machines - Buying new machinery - CE Marking - HSE INDG271 (pdf)
Machine Safety Guidelines - IAPA, Canada (pdf)
Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 - Statutory Instrument
Manual Handling - RSI, upper limb disorders, carpal tunnel, vibration, white finger, etc.
Manual Handling - Solutions You Can Handle- HSE Book HSG115 (42pgs pdf)
Manual Handling Guide - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Manual Handling - Checklist for Safety Representatives - HSE (pdf)
Manual Handling - Lifting and Carrying Safety - IAPA, Canada (pdf, 15pp)
Manual Handling - Preventing Injuries from Sharp Edges in Engineering  HSE (pdf)
Metals - Free HSE Leaflets  (working with lead, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, explosives)
Metalworking Fluids / Coolants
Metalworking Fluids - Safety With Metalworking Fluids PowerPoint Presentation - Dennis Mac, HandS
Migrant Workers - Health Advice in Polski, Lietuviškai, Latviešu, Slovencina, Português, Ceština, Eesti keel, Româna, Russian, Bulgarian
National Health Service - Health Services Home Page - HSE
NEBOSH Revision Aids - Notes, Cards, Qs&As - Health and Safety for Beginners / HSfB
Needles / Sharps - Needlestick Injuries - HSE
Noise + Noise at Work Regulations 2005
Occupational Health Statistics - Causes and Kinds of Diseases - HSE
Office Work
PAT Testing - The Myth that office equipment must be annually tested by qualified electrician - HSE
PAT Testing - Portable Appliance Testing Information
Photos - Safety Photos - - hazards and near-misses in the workplace
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 - Statutory Instrument
Power Presses - Maintenance and Thorough Examination. - HSE Book HSG236 (52pgs pdf)
Pressure systems safety and you - HSE INDG261 (pdf)
Printing - Free HSE Leaflets (skin problems, solvents, asthma, upper limb disorders, guillotines, etc)
Prosecutions - HSE Public Register of Convictions 
[see Enforcement Notices above]
Prosecution Results Section - news of  fines to businesses and compensation payouts to employees

PUWER - Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 - Statutory Instrument
Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations - Simple Guide  (PUWER) - HSE INDG291 (pdf)
PUWER Factsheet (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) - London Hazards Centre (pdf)
REACH - About REACH - HSE Page
REACH - Registration Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals Regulations
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) - Unison  (pdf)  -
See also MSDs / Musculoskeletal Disorders Section
Risk Assessment - 5 Steps to Risk Assessment - HSE INDG 163 (pdf)
Risk Assessment - Risk Management Home Page - HSE
Risk Assessment -  TSSA
Risk Assessments for Safety Representatives -
in Safety Rep's Rights
Risk Management Guidelines - University of Wollongong  (pdf)
Road Safety - Work-related - HSE
Rubber - Free HSE Leaflets
Safety Management - Employer Duties and Employee Rights - London Hazards Centre (pdf)
Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 (SRSC)
- revised 2008 (pdf)
Seating/Sitting - Seating At Work - HSE HSG57 (32pg pdf)
Sewage - Health Hazards - Free HSE leaflets
Skin Disease, Problems, Dermatitis
Skin at Work - HSE Homepage  +  Skin Disease - Causes of Skin Disease - HSE
Slips and Trips - Preventing Slips and Trips in the Workplace - HSE  +  Slips and Trips FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - HSE
Slips and Trips Resource Centre - HSE (guidance, posters, Powerpoint presentations, audio and video, tools)
Slips and Trips in the NHS  (pdf)
Slips - Preventing Slips/Falls and Loss of Balance in Industrial Workplaces - IAPA, Canada (pdf)

Steam Cleaners - Do You Use a Steam/Water Pressure Cleaner? - HSE INDG68 (pdf)
Stone Dust and You - HSE INDG315 (pdf) -
See also COSHH Section
Stress - HSE Microsite
Managing the Causes of Work-related Stress: A Step-by-Step Approach Using the Management Standards - HSE HSG218 (56pgs pdf)
Stress at Work Guide - Public & Commercial Services Union
Stress - Tackling Work-related Stress - A Guide for Employees - HSE leaflet (pdf)
Stress at Work - Taking Control - IAPA (pdf)        Understanding Stress at Work - IAPA (pdf)
Stress - The Leadership Factor - Management Can Make Employees Sick - Joan Burton, BSc, RN, MED
Stress - Work Organisation and Stress - Nottingham University/World Health Organisation (pdf)
Textiles - Free HSE Leaflets  (dyes, chemicals, solvents in dry-cleaning/clothing industries)
Toilet Breaks / Rest Breaks - Hazards Magazine
Vehicles - The Safe Use of Vehicles on Construction Sites - HSE HSG144 (30pgs pdf)
VDUs / Visual Display Units
Vibration - Control the Risks of Hand-Arm Vibration - HSE (pdf)
Vibration at Work - HSE  -
See also MSDs / Musculoskeletal Disorders Section
Vicarious Liability - definition, employer's liability
Walking and Working Surfaces - Safety Guidelines - IAPA, Canada (pdf)
Warehousing and Storage: A Guide to Health and Safety - HSE Book HSG76 (124pgs pdf)
Welding Health & Safety - HSE Microsite  +   Welders Safety - TWI   +   Welding Health & Safety Factsheets - American Welding Society
Welding - Safety in Gas Welding, Cutting & Similar Processes - HSE INDG297 (pdf)
Welding - Safe Use of Compressed Gases in Welding, Flame Cutting and Allied Processes - HSE Book INDG139 (69pgs pdf)
Welding - Asphyxiation Hazards in Welding and Allied Processes - HSE 
Welding and Confined Spaces - American Welding Society  (pdf)
Welding and Cutting Hazards - BOC -
See also COSHH Section
Welding - Search Results for Welding Safety - TWI  +   Welding - Hazardous Gases and Welding Fume Assessment - TWI
Welding - Control of Welding Fumes - TWI
Welding - Protecting Yourself From Gases and Fumes -
Welfare at Work - Guide on Welfare Provisions - HSE INDG293 (pdf) (toilets, washing, water, changing clothes, meal breaks, etc)
Women's Health and Safety - Rep's Guide - Unison (pdf)
Women - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Women - Addressing the Need - IAPA (pdf)
Wood Dust
Woodworking - Free HSE Leaflets  (machines, dust, LEV, chemicals, noise, toxic woods)
Working Time Directive   +   Working Time Regulations - Public & Commercial Services Union
Work Equipment: Using Work Equipment Safely - HSE INDG229 (pdf)
Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 - Statutory Instrument
Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare - A short guide for managers -  HSE INDG 244 (temperature, light, floors, ventilation, sanitation, etc)

British Employment Law
Bullying & Harrassment - BullyOnline
CCOHS Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety
Confined Space - H&S News & Commentary
European Agency for Health and Safety at Work
Frank Carrano - Safety Awareness Presentations
Fire Safety - FireNet International
GMB Health & Safety Pages
Health, Environment and Work (HE&W) 
HSE - Health and Safety Executive (UK)
Health and Safety for Beginners - HSfB
Health Services - NHS
Health and Safety in the Health Care Sector
Household Products Safety Database
HSE Books
HSE Public Register of Convictions
Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada Inc.

International Journal of Occupational/Environmental Medicine

IOSH - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (UK)
London Hazards Centre
NHS - National Library for Health
NIOSH (US) Health and Safety Topics
Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Inc. (Canada)
OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Administration (US)
PCS Public & Commercial Services Union Health and Safety

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
SafetyPhoto - hazards and near-misses in the workplace
Sheffield Occupational Health and Safety Association
Trade Unions Congress (TUC) Health and Safety
UK Statutory Instruments
UNISON Health & Safety
Unite The Union Health & Safety
Worksafe Reps - New Zealand Safety Reps site
RISKS e-Bulletins -  TUC safety bulletins

Public & Commercial
     Services Union

Fire Brigades Union

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